Who is Black Arrow?

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who we are

Black Arrow Business Studio is an Auckland based accounting and business advisory firm. At Black Arrow, we revolutionise business services by shifting the focus from traditional standards to our clients’ unique needs and values so we can help them discover their potentials and scale.

Over the years, we have helped our clients achieve their success through our efficient accounting, advisory and bookkeeping services which were thoroughly designed to be ahead of time as well as to be scalable upon the needs of our client base.

Our services include:

  • Tax returns, GST returns, preparing financial statements
  • Business advisory, data analytics and profit coaching
  • Management and system consultancy
  • Business bookkeeping services
  • Payroll & PAYE services
  • Setting up and implementing project/job management systems
  • Xero and other systems training

Bach Tran, Black Arrow Business Studio’s founder, who has been an accountant, as well as holding senior management roles, for many years is deeply passionate about helping business owners make better decisions through the magical language of numbering and financial reports. After being asked by friends to help them with their business accounting because the accountants they had at the time did not deliver nor meet their support needs, Bach set out a mission to provide high-quality accounting and bookkeeping services that ultimately change the way businesses thrive while at the same time cost-effective due to Black Arrow’s highly efficient nature.

For us, accounting and bookkeeping is an integral part of every business operation and we would like to treat it with the respect it deserves. Among all aspects, harmonious chemistry between a business and its accounting team is crucial within a functional ecosystem. At Black Arrow, we collaborate very well with businesses to deliver not only accuracy but also highly qualified results.

Bach Tran
Bach Tran
Director | Founder

At Black Arrow, it is not just about accounting numbers, it is essentially about whether the numbers can tell stories, and we are here to help write those stories

Bach Tran
Director & Founder

Why us

High-quality services together with unlimited support delivered by a qualified accounting team with years of experience

We work 100% online while being fully flexible upon client’s needs. We deliver awesome results regardless of where you are

Advanced world-class technology is what we focus on to take our services to the next level and offer our clients the most optimised solutions

We are a member of the Accountant & Tax Agents Institute of New Zealand and also a certified tax agent with the IRD

Our Vision

Our vision has always been set on being a household name in the business service world in New Zealand and further regions. We want our clients to feel they are not working with a service provider but rather a business partner, a companion with whom they trust and share their journeys. Every client at Black Arrow is treated equally and fully customised to their needs. We understand that no business is like another so we make sure there is no same dry formula for everyone.

At the same time, our advanced technology and innovation are at the heart of what we do so our clients can enjoy our world-class services wherever they locate and whenever they need us. We have and will keep our clients updated with the latest world-class technology that helps them maximise efficiency, productivity, as well as profitability. Over the years, we have designed and set up systems that help our clients keep track of profit margins, real-time costs, cashflow and as a result, they have earned more, gained more time to enjoy life and run business significantly smarter with significantly less stress.

Finally, everything we want to achieve is to be a place where business owners come to celebrate their success and look back to connect the dots. The dots that marked every milestone we worked very hard on and rightfully deserve the fruitful results.


Seeing businesses struggle with their accounting, bookkeeping and internal systems, we commit to provide the best solutions in New Zealand. Our goal is to help as many businesses as possible with our high-quality accounting and advisory services so they can focus on doing what they love while growing organically.



  • Provide high quality accounting and advisory services
  • Apply the most advanced technology
  • Provide full and comprehensive support
  • Flexible and customised to business needs
  • Your financials and taxes are well taken care of
  • Your system is always up-to-date
  • Your issues are thoroughly looked into
  • Your business needs are fully catered to
Stacey Harvey
The Elite Brush Limited

Black Arrow has been a great support to our business since it started 3 years ago. We wouldn’t have the success we are currently having without their support. Highly recommend to any future potential clients

Jonny Aalbs
Vasttech NZ Limited

I procrastinated tax so bad I thought I was gonna be in a real bad place. I got in touch with Bach, he reassured me it wasn’t the end of the world and went about fixing me up and getting me back on the straight and narrow, couldn’t thank him enough, and it was so painless in the end. Fantastic guy, fantastic work ethic.

Ashley Narayan
Meraki Digital Limited

Black Arrow has taken away so much of the stress/worries I had around accounting! Bach has made all of the things I find complicated a lot easier to understand. Always super easy to chat to, helpful and incredible value to my small business. Thanks Black Arrow Business Studio! Highly recommend.

Dundee Tan
INSTA NZ Limited

Would highly recommend Bach @Black Arrow for your accounting needs. Easy as communication, available day or night just a fb click away. Great rates and cost effective especially for small biz. I guess the word is “Easy to deal with” and “convenient”.

Mark Leedom
Mark Leedom Photography Limited

Bach from the Black Arrow is a bookkeeping saint! My overall experience with Bach and Black Arrow is excellent. Bach has made my life a whole lot easier looking after my books, giving lots of advice and introducing me to Xero. His team is very polite, professional, knowledgeable and prompt with communication. Throughout the entire year they will constantly notify and update you, Which gives you great peace of mind. I will support and continue my business with Black Arrow for years to come. I highly recommend Bach and Black Arrow bookkeeping.

James Hirata
James Hirata Photography Limited

I didn’t have an accountant for a long time, mainly due to fear based on horror stories about accountants I heard from my peers in my industry such as a lack of communication/explanation about tax, and some people suddenly getting told “you’re paying 50k in tax TOMORROW” by their accountant. Scary stuff. Black Arrow was the very opposite of those fears I had of accountants and helped us get our financials together to finally purchase our first home this year, which was a major goal for our family